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Brake tester
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AHS Prüftechnik produced their first working brake tester in 1956 and have been at the forefront of brake testing technology ever since. They also make dynamometers and wheel play detectors. Because AHS manufacture the whole machine themselves, they are frequently able to make roller beds to fit existing pits.



AHS Multiflex Range
The AHS “Multiflex” range is for light vehicle brake testing and includes approved models for MOT testing of Class III, IV, VL and VII MOT vehicles. The range includes conventional analogue (standard UK MOT) and fully computerised (UK MOT ATL) models. Standard roller beds are one piece but split bed cross pit models are available, AHS are also able to make roller beds to fit existing pits (subject to certain conditions) which makes replacement of older machines very straightforward. A full range of accessories is available.


Model Specifications






  Multiflex 06  Multiflex 06/12  ATL brake tester 


AHS are a German manufacturer specialising in brake testers, dynamometers, test lanes and wheel play detectors. They made their first roller brake tester in 1956, they pioneered the use of “eddy – current” brakes on dynamometers and produced a PC controlled brake tester only a year after IBM launched the first PC in 1981. The company continues to develop its testing technology and maintains its core values.


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