Consul 2 Post Lifts


All Consul 2 post lifts feature exceptionally stiff rolled steel posts. These give a very small “footprint” and allow more space for door opening. The lifts all have low profile arms so there is no need for special adaptions for sports cars etc. With one exception, they offer a clear floor and the connections between posts can be routed in a variety of ways. The unique design of the roller guided lift carriages means there are no guides to wear and the unique arm supports are exceptionally solid. Safety devices include automatic arm locks, a mechanical locking device in case of load nut failure, acoustic foot protection and chain break mechanism where appropriate.



The Premium range is ideal for main dealers and prestige workshops offering a combination of flexibility, ease of use and ruggedness. The lifts have bronze load nuts with automatic oilers giving exceptional longevity, load nuts typically last over 15 years. The lifts have push button controls, programmable limits and microprocessor controlled levelling system. Many lifts have 3-piece lift arms allowing a wide range of vehicles to be lifted, the 2.40 can lift a Smart Fortwo and a long wheelbase Sprinter.


Premium Model Specifications






The Classic range are the real work horse lifts. Designed for both the franchised dealer and independent sector, they offer great value for money, longevity and are user friendly. The lifts have bronze alloy loading nuts, an electronic control system and columns rotated 30° which means the arms can clear the wheels of short vehicles.


Classic Model Specifications





The Easy Lift are the original garage lifts. A perfect general purpose, chain driven, lift. The chain is between the columns.


Chain Driven Model Specifications




  2.35 Premium  2.40 Premium  2.45 Premium  2.30 Classic  2.40 Classic  2.30 Easylift 




The Mercedes Benz Range is a purpose built lift ideal for main dealers and prestige workshops. They are a base frame free 2-post lift series that have been created in accordance to Mercedes-Benz guidelines. The lifts are not exclusively designed to just lift Mercedes-Benz models, but they have a number of specific features that makes working on Mercedes-Benz models more efficient.


Model Specifications






  2.50 Premium MB  2.50 Premium MB  2.65 Premium MB 




Consul’s standard range includes a range of different options for different garage needs, lifting Smart cars to transporters. Consul lifts are all “made in Germany”, all manufacturing is carried out at their factory near Cologne. They represent the traditional values for German engineering; good design, serviceability and robustness.


Standard Model Specifications






  2.55 EL S-C  2.55 EL-G  2.65 EL Multi XXL 


2 post lift

The HD Pro Series is a completely new type of 2 column hydraulic lift that is unique to the market in this form. This is due to the lifts intelligent and innovative design. There are two hydraulic units (mounted inside) and an electronic synchronisation control. All cost intensive wear parts such as supporting cables, hydraulic hoses or pulleys can be dispensed with. Safety is ensured by an arrester device, that at the same time serves as a lowering device, thus allowing you to work on the lifted vehicle without hydraulic pressure.


HD Pro Model Specifications







  2.35 HD Pro  2.40 HD Pro  2.45 HD Pro  2.55 HD Pro  2.55 HD G Pro  2.65 HD Pro  HD4000 




Consul 2 Post Lift Accessories

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2.35 Premium Lifting Guide



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2.55 EL-SC Lifting Guide



2.55 HD Flex Lifting Guide



2.55 HD-G Flex Lifting Guide



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The company was founded in 1953. The corporate philosophy was to provide durable, high quality and safe to use products. This philosophy has been preserved to this day. But not the name, originally known under the brand name “MWH” (Märkisches Werk Halver), today’s Consul Werkstattausrüstung GmbH separated from the company MWH in 1986 and has been operating completely independently since then.


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