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We are the main UK importers for the well known German lift manufacturers Consul. We also distribute a range of complimentary equipment. Service is an important part of our business and our engineers provide support in the form of contract maintenance, calibration, equipment installation and repair. Our website has been designed to introduce you to our products and services and tell you a little of our background and expertise. However nothing is better than personal contact, so please feel free to email or call us direct – we will be pleased to assist whenever we can.



Consul Specialist Lifts

Consul Specialist lifts include models to lift caravans, fork lift trucks, quad bikes and small agricultural vehicles. There is also a goods lift designed for lifting heavy items between floors. Many options and products are available to suit a wide range of workshops and services. Please call us for more information.


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  1 Post Tyre Lift  1 Post Quad-bike Lift  1 Post Lawnmower Lift  2.50 Fork Lift  2.35 Micro Car Lift  Caravan & Trailer Lift


Consul lifts are all “made in Germany”, all manufacturing is carried out at their factory near Cologne. They represent the traditional values for German engineering; good design, serviceability and robustness. Just as important, after sales support is excellent with spare parts being readily available for many years. Consul are committed to training their distributors service personnel with a purpose built training school at their Halver factory. For more information please call us.




Consul 1 Post Lift Accessories

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2.50 Forklift Guide



2.50 Forklift Technical Drawing




The company was founded in 1953. The corporate philosophy was to provide durable, high quality and safe to use products. This philosophy has been preserved to this day. But not the name, originally known under the brand name “MWH” (Märkisches Werk Halver), today’s Consul Werkstattausrüstung GmbH separated from the company MWH in 1986 and has been operating completely independently since then.


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Codi International are the main importers of Consul Specialist lifts