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Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures electro-hydraulic cylinder lifts for modern commercial vehicle workshops. Our lifts keep the vehicle wheels free and are suitable for all common repair and maintenance work on commercial vehicles and buses. The lifts are available with either one piece or telescopic pistons. Both types can be installed using a fame fitted above a concrete pit or using a steel trough. A variety of lifting capacities is available and is dependent on the number of rams used. Standard lifts reach an of 1700mm, there is also a short stroke version available for tyre service areas, this has a stroke of 700mm. As a German company with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, with our lifts we stand for quality “Made in Germany”.



Fuchs In-Ground Lifts


Inground lifts are extremely versatile, they can lift a wide range of vehicles on their axles giving unrestricted access to the wheels and most of the underside of the vehicle. Lifts are all made to order and can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. Options include washbay and explosive environment adaptions.


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  TH 10  Lift 28T (1)  Lift 28T (2)  St 10/2-B 28 


Fuchs is near Frankfurt, Germany and has been in continuous operation since the 1932. The company started as a truck maintenance workshop, which is still in operation today. The business expanded developing expertise in overhauling crankshafts, cylinders and pistons, and then eventually producing hydraulic equipment. Fuchs manufacture all of their own pistons, cylinders, valve blocks, guides etc. to a very high standard.


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