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Mobile column lifts are the flexible solution to lifting various vehicle types. Mobile column lifts only require a flat stable surface to operate on, there is no groundwork required and when combined with suitable support stands, enable full access to the underside of the vehicle.



US Made Wireless Mobile Column Lifts
Hydraulic mobile column lifts available in 2 capacities and capable of operating singly or in multiples of up to 8 columns. The lifts are hydraulic in operation and completely wireless and only require periodic charging. They are also waterproof. They have no trailing cables to damage, replace or act as a trip hazard. This means they can be used anywhere that there is a large enough flat surface, e.g. workshop floor, outside vehicle park, even in a wash bay. There is no need for installation, new electrical supplies, groundworks etc.


Gray – WPLS-185
The mobile columns are available with capacities of 6120 kg or 8390 kg per column and can be used in multiples of 2, 4, 6 or 8. In 2 column mode, lifting height is restricted to 820mm for safety reasons and a single column can be used for a limited lift of 350mm for wheel maintenance work. All Gray products come with a limited lifetime warranty.


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In 1920, J.H. Gray started his company as nothing more than a simple tire shop. Soon though, Gray began developing innovative equipment to make the heavy work easier and more efficient. By 1921 he was granted his first patent and the rest is history.


Today, J.H. Gray’s tradition of quality continues. Now with approximately 200 employees, Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc. is recognized around the world for providing the highest quality shop service equipment for the automotive, truck and service vehicle industries. For more information please call us.


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