Saxon Motorcycle Brake Testers


We are one of the main UK importers for well known German brake tester manufacturers Saxon for Motorcycle Brake Testers. The fully digitised roller test stand is suitable for diagnosis of different brake systems on motorcycles and three wheelers, up to a wheel weight of 1,5 tonnes. Our latest software and electronics are integrated into the display, thereby saving space but still giving clearly readable output of braking effort from longer distances. Visible wheel weight, as well as hand or foot pedal force enables the examiner to keep an overview at all times and guarantees an efficient and accurate test. We also distribute a range of complimentary equipment. Service is an important part of our business and our engineers provide support in the form of contract maintenance, calibration, equipment installation and repair.



Saxon Motorcycle Brake Testers
In addition to the proven measuring technology common to the Saxon brake tester range, the MOT approved motorcycle model features a unique patented design to ensure wheel stability during testing, this makes for a much safer test as the wheels don’t “wander” during the test.


Model Specifications




  B 30 A 


Saxon Prüftechnik GmbH are a German manufacturer of vehicle testing and tyre servicing equipment. The company has its origins in East Germany but is now family owned and manufactures at 2 sites in Plauen and Dessau. Saxon’s brake tester range covers everything from motorcycles to cranes.


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