Werther Mobile Columns


Mobile column lifts are the flexible solution to lifting various vehicle types. Mobile column lifts only require a flat stable surface to operate on, there is no groundwork required and when combined with suitable support stands, enable full access to the underside of the vehicle.



Werther Mobile Columns
Werther manufacture a number of special lifts, including mobile lifts, lifts used for vehicle dismantling, body shop lifts, motorcycle lifts and quad bike lifts.


Werther – LTW75 / LTW85 / LTW100
Electro-mechanical system with spindle-nut-assy. Nylatron bearing nut and steel safety nut. PLC-control unit. Electronic alignment control. Control unit on main post (separate control cabinet on trolley as option.) Up-/Down button on each column with emergency stop on all posts of the kit.


Model Specifications




  LTW75 / LTW85 / LTW100 


Werther International are a large Italian garage equipment manufacturer based in Northern Italy. Their range includes vehicle lifts, testing equipment, wheel service equipment and compressors. They have 3 factories in Italy and their products are sold in over 150 countries. For more information please call us.


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