Commercial Brake Testers

Commercial Brake Testers

We are one of the main UK importers for well known German brake tester manufacturers AHS and Saxon, for both standard and commercial vehicles. Please follow the link to either our AHS Commercial Brake Tester Range, or our Saxon Commercial Brake Tester Range.






AHS Varioflex TEC 260. The AHS Varioflex range of commercial vehicle brake testers goes from a simple manual test machine up to full ATF test lane specification. All the brake testers feature a robustly engineered roller bed with powerful motors and exceptionally durable epoxy roller coating. AHS are also able to manufacture roller beds to fit existing groundworks (subject to certain restrictions) making replacement of obsolete machines possible without downtime or expensive groundworks.

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AHS Varioflex Screen 260. There is a VDU display option for the 260 vehicle brake tester. All machines can be upgraded during or after installation with a range of accessories including axle weigher, roller locking, in cab tablet, all can be connected to a PC running the DVSA database allowing the DVSA test to be replicated. Special versions are available for military vehicles, tractors and cranes.

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AHS Varioflex Mobile 306. Completing the range of brake testers is the AHS Varioflex Mobile. This AHS brake tester can either be surface mounted or mobile, allowing it to be transported anywhere and be ready for use in just a few minutes. The roller bed is simply moved into position, on a flat floor, connect to the power and it is ready to use.

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Saxon B99G & B99K. This standard design split bed roller brake tester has been created to test trucks and other commercial vehicles. The brake tester has a reflection free display, making it easily readable from all angles and is fully digitised. It can test vehicles with air brake systems, hydraulic systems and 4WD vehicles.

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Saxon B101G & B101K. This standard design split bed roller brake tester has been created to test heavier and larger trucks and commercial vehicles. The brake tester comes with a PC interface as standard. It can test vehicles with air brake systems, hydraulic systems and 4WD vehicles.

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Saxon B120G. Saxon specialise in testing unusual vehicles, for example the Saxon B120 is specifically designed for cranes and very heavy trucks, it can accommodate very large wheels, has a test load of 20t and a test width of 3600mm. The B100B-R18u is unique in having hydraulically adjustable test rollers enabling it to test wheels of any size.

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Saxon Mobile BGHV 160. One of the best features of the 160 unit is it’s capability to swing the test equipment to both sides of the test station. This unit is ideal for all vehicles up to 16t per axle and can be exceeded if required to an axle weight of maximum 20t. The 160 series can be deployed outside on any flat and hard surface, without having to worry about vehicle height or other dimensions.

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Brake testing is an essential part of commercial and passenger carrying vehicle business. It is required during mandatory regular safety inspections and records must be kept for 15 months, this is in addition to annual MOT test. Failure to do so can result in fines or loss of ‘O’ licence. Safety inspection frequency can be as little as every 4 weeks and must include a brake test.




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