Head Lamp Aligner


Codi supply Head Lamp Aligners form the well known Italian manufacturer’s WT Engineering. Their headlamp aligners are designed to be user-friendly, economical and extremely accurate. WT Engineering’s range includes entry level head lamp aligners to sophisticated testers suitable for halogen, led or xenon headlights. Please contact us for more information.



WT Engineering Head Lamp Aligners


WT Engineering head lamp aligners are user-friendly and extremely accurate. We have a range of models to suit all types of testing.


Model Specifications




PH22010 UK  PH22010 UK/HGV 


W.T. Engineering is a leading company in the market of garage equipment, thanks to its operational and design experience. They are based in Italy Gandino , Seriana valley in the Bergamo area. For more information please call us.


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