Head Lamp Aligner

Head Lamp Aligner

Codi supply headlamp beam testers form the newly formed Alpha Garage Equipment company. Their headlamp beam testers are designed to be user-friendly, economical and extremely accurate. Alpha’s range includes entry level headlamp beam testers to sophisticated testers. Please contact us for more information.



Alpha HeadLamp Beam Testers


It is one of the last headlamp beam testers to be approved by the GEA, but one of the more interesting ones. Made in Italy to high quality standards, it comes in a robust structure and metal optical box cover. We have a range of models to suit all types of testing.

Each model has a 3 wheel base for better stability. A digital luxmeter for more precise light intensity reading. With approval for all classes excluding HGV / PSV and for all classes including HGV / PSV. Dual laser as an option, with a line green laser, for more visibility than the standard red ones.



Alpha Headlamp Beam Tester. Model number – 4047/R. All Classes excluding HGV. Featuring a Digital Luxmeter.

ALC - 4047/R   Enquire  


Alpha Headlamp Beam Tester HGV. Model number – 4047/RH. All Classes including HGV. Featuring a Digital Luxmeter.

ALC - 4047/RH   Enquire  



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