AHS Wheel Play Detector

Wheel play detectors


Wheel play detectors allow the tester to observe excess play in steering and suspension joints by applying forces to the wheels using hydraulically driven plates. They are required for MOT testing and can be used to find faults in normal service workshops.



AHS Truck Wheel Play Detector
AHS Wheel Play Detector for heavy vehicles are operated with an ergonomically designed hand controller integrating control buttons and an inspection lamp. The unit operates with a maximum stroke of 100mm and offers the choice of 18 different test movements. The user can select either manual control or one of several preset test cycles.


Model Specifications




  Truck W.P.D 


AHS are a German manufacturer specialising in brake testers, dynamometers, test lanes and wheel play detectors. They made their first roller brake tester in 1956, they pioneered the use of “eddy – current” brakes on dynamometers and produced a PC controlled brake tester only a year after IBM launched the first PC in 1981. The company continues to develop its testing technology and maintains its core values.



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