Codi supply, install and service quality garage equipment. We supply both Fuchs Hydraulik and Major Lift Jacks & Lifting Tables. Please follow the link to either our Fuchs Commercial Jack Range, or our Major Lift Commercial Jack Range.


Major Lift




Fuchs Mobile Pit Jacks are floor mounted models where pit rails can’t be used. Floor mounted pit jacks with different lifting capacities and strokes. Resistance free, stable frame-fitted to size of pit at no extra cost.

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Fuchs Rail Pit Jacks. Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic pit jacks for the modern commercial vehicle workshop. The traditional “hanging” model supported on pit rails. Pit jacks can be manual, pneumatic or electric on operation.

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Fuchs Truck TS. The engine, gearbox and axle jacks TS 1500 and TS 3000 are ideal for fitting and removing commercial vehicle components. They can be used in pits or under lifts. Custom models are also available.

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Fuchs Parallelogram Trolley. The hydraulic pallet trucks are designed for the transport, removal and installation of commercial vehicle aggregates. The trolleys have additional extras for specific tasks, please contact us for more information.

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Fuchs Scissor Trolley. The scissor mechanism on the hydraulic scissor lift trolley utilises an oversized welded design. The table comprises of a frame which moves on roller guides that also act as an anti-tilt device and a top made from three rigid plates, which can be removed and replaced with special adapters.

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Majorlift Pit Mounted Jacks. Rapid, reliable and rigorously safe. These units will tackle anything and everything up to 20 tonnes. Key operational features such as a full 305mm lifting stroke, full lateral ram adjustment and a high-safety twin ram system are all backed by proven hydraulics and positive mechanical safety locks.

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MajorLift Jack MPJ40. Originally designed to meet the demanding requirements of safely lifting aircraft ground-handling tugs, our 40 ton rated jack offers all the performance and safety features of the smaller 20 ton range and is ideal for seriously heavyweight applications such as military, quarry, mining and railway vehicles.

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Codi International




Reliability is critical in a busy workshop, and a Jack – at the heart of the daily workload – is only as reliable as its weakest part. Fuch’s and Majorlift’s range of jacks is machined, milled, welded, laser cut and finished from the highest grade of steel by skilled engineers who take a real pride in their work. We also distribute a range of complimentary equipment. Service is an important part of our business and our engineers provide support in the form of contract maintenance, calibration, equipment installation and repair.




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