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Consul has expanded its product portfolio to include lifting tables with the takeover of the ATLAN ® brand from ME Maschinen Engineering GmbH. These custom made lifting solutions will diversify Consul’s range. The essential feature of the ATLAN ® lift tables is the constant velocity curve, which allows you to open the lift table with constant low torque and constant speed over the entire stroke.



Belt Lifting Tables. Are state-of-the-art and innovative scissor lift tables. The lifting carriage moves using flat belts. ATLAN belt lift tables work wear-free with an excellent level of reliability. Only life-time lubricated and maintenance-free components are used in the design. Visual inspections are sufficient for the annual inspection, maintenance is not required.


Spindle Lifting Tables. The design of the table shape, the lifting height, the lifting force, the drive and the spindle design can be individually designed as required. The construction is compact, robust and easy to maintain with easy handling. The opening of the scissor arms have a constant lifting speed over the entire stroke at a constant spindle speed. Constant spindle torque over the entire stroke means that when the scissors are opened, even from the lowest stroke position, no increased force is required.


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  Belt Lifting Tables  Spindle Lifting Tables


For more than 20 years, ATLAN ® has stood for customized and innovative special solutions in the field of electro-mechanical lifting tables. The world-famous brand and the patented ATLAN ® technologies are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. For more information please call us.


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