Specialist Lift

Specialist Lifts

Codi supply, install and service high quality garage equipment. We supply a range of Consul and Werther specialist Lifts that will suit all garage requirements. Please browse bellow for our selection.





Consul 1 Post Tyre Lift is Consul’s warehouse goods lift designed for lifting heavy items between floors. The lift has a capacity of 0.5 ton. Options include a range of 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 meter lifting heights.

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Consul 1 Post Quad-bike Lift is a robust 1 Post Lift ideal for lifting small agricultural machinery like Quadbikes. The lift has a capacity of 0.6 ton and has a carriage guided by 6 rollers.

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Consul 1 Post Lawnmower Lift is Consul’s specialist 1 Post Lift with arm adaptations for lawnmowers. Options include two lifting capacities of 1 and 1.5 ton.

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Consul 1 Post Warehouse Picker Lift is Consul’s specialist 1 Post Lift with arm adaptations for Warehouse Picker Trucks. Lifting capacity of 2.5 ton.

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Consul 2.50 EL Lift is Consul’s robust and reliable 2 Post Lift suitable for Fork Truck lifts. Lifting capacity of 5 ton and a lifting range of 560 – 760mm.

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Consul 2.35 Double System Lift is Consul’s 3.5t 2 Post Micro Car Lift. Special arm adaptations provide a support system for wheels, while maintaining the conventional swing. Suitable for micro cars (e.g Smart for two, VW UP) up to transporters with an installation width of 3,600 mm.

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Consul Caravan and Trailer Lift is Consul’s specialist EL 2 Post Lift range. This motor driven lift has capacities of 3, 4.5 and 6.5 tonnes and a range of arm extensions (mm) = 830–1,330 / 830-1,330 / 830-1,675. Special adaptations are also available on request.

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Werther MM 25 Mobile Single Post Lift. This single phase motor lift is a multi-purpose vehicle lift that has a versatile load platform. The lift is mobile and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Werther 800 & 1200 Mono Lifts. These single Post Lifts come with 2 different lifting heights and can be used as a body shop lift, motorcycle lift and quad bike lifts. The lifts can also be adapted for additional specialist requirements.

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Consul 1 Post Lift Accessories

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